Level Music

28 06 2012

Hi, Nick here with yet another musical update.

Level music will be split into two, the first half being purely 8 bit and then…..


Sentinel Leaders

27 06 2012

The Sentinels are a group of Kelcar sworn to protect their kin and rebuild their planet. As the player, you join them and slowly attempt to move up their ranks. You will encounter quite a few Sentinels on your journey, but the three leaders are the ones you will see the most of.

Name: Dekkar
Role: gives the player story quests
Personality: a bit of a hard-ass, pretty cold and with a few too many secrets
History: he’d rather not talk about it
Class: barbarian
Weapon of Choice: Emerald Battleaxe

Name: Locke
Role: sorts out armour, weapons and other inventory items
Personality: cheerful and optimistic with some deep-seated – borderline psychotic – anger issues
History: relatively happy
Class: assassin
Weapon of Choice: Ruby Dagger

Name: Leudem
Role: gives the player optional side quests
Personality: calm and collected, though internally anxious and on the edge of a nervous breakdown
History: books, books and more books
Class: nerd
Weapon of Choice: Sapphire Spear

More updates soon!


The SDL move!

24 06 2012

At the beginning of this project the game was being constructed with C++ and the use of SDL. After many weeks of fighting and arguing with SDL, we have decided to move away from SDL and take on SFML. I have been using SFML for the first time ever and have converted all of the code so far to cater for SFML. The reason we have moved from SDL is because of its lack of GPU usage and image manipulation.

Ben (Game Programmer)

The Town

23 06 2012

Music man here with another little track for your aural delights!

This is the theme for the town, a place you will keep coming back to. The idea for the theme was to have a new layer of music added each time you finish a level, so as the town grows so does the score!

In order to keep this track¬†relatively¬†short I’ve added each layer after one full cycle of the main melody.



Introducing Some Nymphari Generals

21 06 2012

Artist here with an update on the game’s story and some character designs.

In the world of Phor, the Kelcar live in the shadow of the Nymphari. The Nymphari are led by Emperor Ekhanra – a powerful sorcerer who wants nothing more than world domination. Ekhanra has trusted his armies to ten of his most competent generals, and it is up to you to defeat them.

Shown below are some of the initial concepts for five of the generals. Each general has a different fighting style, different abilities and, most importantly, different personalities.

Clockwise from top left: Kar-Mun, Ling, Gruhnt, Celstice, Gnyang

The pink guy, for example, feels unfulfilled with his career choice. The yellow girl just wants to explode everything with fire and lightning. Whilst the little orange guy will kill you if you think he’s cute.

More updates on the way soon… Maybe something along the lines of a super awesome animated walk sequence.

A monster appears!

20 06 2012

Hello once again, this post is just to share a little video displaying an animated monster (in this case, a jelly) and a sword being spawned that does nothing.

Now, in the video the collision detection may look like the hero is hitting thin air – he is at the moment but that is something I have declared wrong so don’t worry about it because this will, of course, be fixed.

Hope you enjoyed the video, hopefully a new one will appear soon.

Ben (Programmer)

Hero Theme

17 06 2012


Nick the composer here with a brief update on the aural front.

I’ve managed to cobble together the main theme for the game which, for the time being, will be referred to as the ‘Hero Theme’. The tune will be popping up all over the world in lots of the levels and boss encounters, hiding behind different styles and counter melodies tying the various locations together.