Alpha Concept

3 06 2012

The earliest concept for the game was very simple: you are a thing and you hit things with other things. You travel through dungeons, attack monsters, use magic and save the world.

Shown below is the very first piece of concept work, as crappy as it may be. The player is the green rectangle, the blue rectangle indicates his weapon movement, the orange squares show a monster and its movement path, the small orange circles are the bones of the room and the big orange circles are background lights.

Very first design work

A lot of action in the game takes place in a series of dungeons. Monsters of increasing ferocity can be found in dungeons, as well as small bosses and secret areas. Some dungeons will be randomised, whilst others are set due to the fact they need to be awesome.

This is our starting point. From here on, we have to make it look good, work perfectly and sound cool.




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