Art Development

6 06 2012

With some sort of art style solidified, we needed to start thinking about the necessary components for the game. For one, there needs to be a bunch of NPCs. Most NPCs will be able to be spoken to, and we decided to use talking head shots to show when a character is saying something. NPCs will have head shots, but the player character probably won’t (due to the fact that he/she can be customised and at the minute it seems very daunting).

This guy here is going to be quite an important NPC. He’s been through a lot and doesn’t particularly like anyone anymore. Currently, he doesn’t have a name, but we’re open to suggestions! (Note: we’re not going to call him ‘Dickface’ or ‘Tit-Gypsy’, so don’t try.)

So with sprites and such slightly sorted, we thought it would be a good time to have a go at actual scenes, aka flooring, backgrounds and trees, and maybe move on to more complex stuff.

A simple scene and a slightly less simple scene can be seen below. You need to click on the last one because GIFs look really crap when made small by silly websites.

This should be a lot smaller, but we zoomed it in so you can see the nice details more. It features a squirrel. You’ll be able to kill it.

This screen features a player’s inventory (with two potions), the health and mana bars, dialogue and some cats. Seriously, you need to click on this to zoom in because the guy’s face is so mangled.

Of course, this is all nice and all, but we’ll be making it better. There’s going to be better trees, detailed backgrounds and lots more cats. The cats are crucial to the game. No, seriously.




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