Introducing Some Nymphari Generals

21 06 2012

Artist here with an update on the game’s story and some character designs.

In the world of Phor, the Kelcar live in the shadow of the Nymphari. The Nymphari are led by Emperor Ekhanra – a powerful sorcerer who wants nothing more than world domination. Ekhanra has trusted his armies to ten of his most competent generals, and it is up to you to defeat them.

Shown below are some of the initial concepts for five of the generals. Each general has a different fighting style, different abilities and, most importantly, different personalities.

Clockwise from top left: Kar-Mun, Ling, Gruhnt, Celstice, Gnyang

The pink guy, for example, feels unfulfilled with his career choice. The yellow girl just wants to explode everything with fire and lightning. Whilst the little orange guy will kill you if you think he’s cute.

More updates on the way soon… Maybe something along the lines of a super awesome animated walk sequence.




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