Sentinel Leaders

27 06 2012

The Sentinels are a group of Kelcar sworn to protect their kin and rebuild their planet. As the player, you join them and slowly attempt to move up their ranks. You will encounter quite a few Sentinels on your journey, but the three leaders are the ones you will see the most of.

Name: Dekkar
Role: gives the player story quests
Personality: a bit of a hard-ass, pretty cold and with a few too many secrets
History: he’d rather not talk about it
Class: barbarian
Weapon of Choice: Emerald Battleaxe

Name: Locke
Role: sorts out armour, weapons and other inventory items
Personality: cheerful and optimistic with some deep-seated – borderline psychotic – anger issues
History: relatively happy
Class: assassin
Weapon of Choice: Ruby Dagger

Name: Leudem
Role: gives the player optional side quests
Personality: calm and collected, though internally anxious and on the edge of a nervous breakdown
History: books, books and more books
Class: nerd
Weapon of Choice: Sapphire Spear

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