Minotaur Development

24 08 2012

So it’s been a while since anything’s been posted here, and for that I can only apologise. We’ve all been quite busy with Summer-related things and haircuts and whatnot.

Right, so here’s a minotaur. Minotaurs are cool. There will probably be quite a few of them with different weapons and stuff in different areas of the game. Currently, they’re pretty huge compared to the Kelcar (and the axe is ridiculous). But hey, it’s a start!

A minotaur with no pants on

Unfortunately, he’s not wearing any trousers at the moment, but that will probably change at some point.


General Dilemma

3 08 2012

Artist here.

A long time ago, some of you may recall I posted a few images of Nymphari Generals. There are 10 Generals, all of whom fall neatly into a lovely segment of the rainbow. The blue guy is – pretty much – a mad scientist.

Shown below are two different designs for the blue guy. The initial design (on the right) portrays him as a grinning nutter (who is probably the pink general’s brother). The new design (on the left) has re-imagined the blue guy as a crazy little blue girl. She’s just as nuts and grinning, but a tiny bit cuter.

The team is still unsure of which design to go with. Any thoughts?

The Land of Phor

6 07 2012

Background information time! Phor is set on the planet of Phor, which features one main landform (also called – guess what – Phor).

The top section, Sylvera, is home to the Nymphari and is their main territory base. It’s a large, icy, mountainous area separated from the rest of the world by a large chasm.

The Kelcar used to live in Harmist and its surrounding areas, but were forced to flee to the wastelands of Kalreft when the Nymphari attacked.

This map is practically finished – we just need to check that none of the names mean any excessively rude things in different languages. More updates soon!

Introducing Some Nymphari Generals

21 06 2012

Artist here with an update on the game’s story and some character designs.

In the world of Phor, the Kelcar live in the shadow of the Nymphari. The Nymphari are led by Emperor Ekhanra – a powerful sorcerer who wants nothing more than world domination. Ekhanra has trusted his armies to ten of his most competent generals, and it is up to you to defeat them.

Shown below are some of the initial concepts for five of the generals. Each general has a different fighting style, different abilities and, most importantly, different personalities.

Clockwise from top left: Kar-Mun, Ling, Gruhnt, Celstice, Gnyang

The pink guy, for example, feels unfulfilled with his career choice. The yellow girl just wants to explode everything with fire and lightning. Whilst the little orange guy will kill you if you think he’s cute.

More updates on the way soon… Maybe something along the lines of a super awesome animated walk sequence.

Nymphari Concept Work

12 06 2012

With the game programming going very well, there’s been time to focus on the actual bad guys of Phor. The bad guys are Nymphari, a once Elven-like people who have become corrupted due to their God/magic/something else we haven’t decided on yet. The image below shows a basic idea of a corrupt Nymphari (left) and an original one (right).

The Corrupt is wearing war paint, whilst the Original wears armour of sorts. Nymphari are mainly magic-users, so they will mainly wear light armour and robes.

The shot below shows a basic idea for a Nymphari head (when they’ve been corrupted/all beast-like). They have crystal-like horns/antlers and wear different coloured war paint that signifies their class (or something else). The crystals may change depending on different Nymphari.

Different Nymphari will wear different styles of war paint. The style of their eyes is also still under thought.

And finally, here’s a test for their size in comparison to the player character. The Nymphari in-game are probably going to have clothes of sorts, depending on their class/attack style. The image is zoomed in to show the detail better.

In Original form, the Nymphari would easily tower over a Kelcar. In Corrupt form, they are hunched and significantly shorter.

In terms of programming, collision detection is being worked on. Videos, music and other updates will be posted soon.