Yet more Music

28 07 2012

Here’s a little piece I’ve written for the game, just in case something good and happy happens…

WARNING: Contains lots of cleche’s.

Ta, Nick


Heeby Jeebys

15 07 2012

Mr Nick here with another track.
I’ve been doing an awful lot of music lately but this will be the last thing I upload for a while, otherwise there’ll be nothing new in the actual game.

This is for a creepy level.

Level Music

28 06 2012

Hi, Nick here with yet another musical update.

Level music will be split into two, the first half being purely 8 bit and then…..

The Town

23 06 2012

Music man here with another little track for your aural delights!

This is the theme for the town, a place you will keep coming back to. The idea for the theme was to have a new layer of music added each time you finish a level, so as the town grows so does the score!

In order to keep this track¬†relatively¬†short I’ve added each layer after one full cycle of the main melody.



Hero Theme

17 06 2012


Nick the composer here with a brief update on the aural front.

I’ve managed to cobble together the main theme for the game which, for the time being, will be referred to as the ‘Hero Theme’. The tune will be popping up all over the world in lots of the levels and boss encounters, hiding behind different styles and counter melodies tying the various locations together.


Glorious Musical Concepts

14 06 2012

For the game, we are very lucky to have someone as talented as the one and only Mr Nick Streeter involved in the music production. He is going to be in charge of everything aural, providing tunes and – with any luck – all manner of sound effects. He was kind enough to provide us with two test tracks to show how he can work with the game style.

We are very much looking forward to what else Nick will be able to produce, and we intend to keep you up-to-date with his excellent productions.