Sentinel Leaders

27 06 2012

The Sentinels are a group of Kelcar sworn to protect their kin and rebuild their planet. As the player, you join them and slowly attempt to move up their ranks. You will encounter quite a few Sentinels on your journey, but the three leaders are the ones you will see the most of.

Name: Dekkar
Role: gives the player story quests
Personality: a bit of a hard-ass, pretty cold and with a few too many secrets
History: he’d rather not talk about it
Class: barbarian
Weapon of Choice: Emerald Battleaxe

Name: Locke
Role: sorts out armour, weapons and other inventory items
Personality: cheerful and optimistic with some deep-seated – borderline psychotic – anger issues
History: relatively happy
Class: assassin
Weapon of Choice: Ruby Dagger

Name: Leudem
Role: gives the player optional side quests
Personality: calm and collected, though internally anxious and on the edge of a nervous breakdown
History: books, books and more books
Class: nerd
Weapon of Choice: Sapphire Spear

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The start

2 06 2012

Welcome to the Phor blog,

Here we will be updating the blog with all the information about Phor.
Phor is going to be a very basic, yet fun and enjoyable 2D hack and slash,
with many different weapons, armour, spells, areas and much more,
Images and links to the development will be post here.

Keep an eye on us

Ben (Game Programmer)