Camera, level, ACTION!

11 07 2012

Hey there once again.

Today I have a new video to show to you all, A very basic video just displaying camera movement and a very basic test level. Yes the GUI is bugged but that will be fixed very soon.
I would also just like to show this will most probably be the last video shown for some time, most of the game is actually coming together and “we” as a team don’t want to give the whole gameplay away, but screenshots will be uploaded every now and then to show the progress and state of the game.

So here is the video link



Death to the Jelly!

2 07 2012

Hey guys

Sorry about the lack of videos, but a new video is here! This video just shows a simple Jelly being killed, The jelly does just disappear but that’s just showing it can be killed, also UI buttons, in the video I click the 3rd button to change weapon but I forgot to tell my recording software to record the mouse… Also the weapon swing will be changed once we have the animated attacking sprite 🙂

But anyways here is the new video enjoy

Ben (Programmer)

A monster appears!

20 06 2012

Hello once again, this post is just to share a little video displaying an animated monster (in this case, a jelly) and a sword being spawned that does nothing.

Now, in the video the collision detection may look like the hero is hitting thin air – he is at the moment but that is something I have declared wrong so don’t worry about it because this will, of course, be fixed.

Hope you enjoyed the video, hopefully a new one will appear soon.

Ben (Programmer)

Basic Collision Detection

16 06 2012

Hey guys, just a very quick and basic video displaying some quick cool but simple collision detection in Phor.

More videos coming soon!

Very basic movement

11 06 2012

Hello again people.

Here is just a quick post about a basic movement in Phor, this movement in the video below is just a test. The movement for the game will be a lot different.

Video link

More videos will be uploaded soon 🙂