Camera, level, ACTION!

11 07 2012

Hey there once again.

Today I have a new video to show to you all, A very basic video just displaying camera movement and a very basic test level. Yes the GUI is bugged but that will be fixed very soon.
I would also just like to show this will most probably be the last video shown for some time, most of the game is actually coming together and “we” as a team don’t want to give the whole gameplay away, but screenshots will be uploaded every now and then to show the progress and state of the game.

So here is the video link



The SDL move!

24 06 2012

At the beginning of this project the game was being constructed with C++ and the use of SDL. After many weeks of fighting and arguing with SDL, we have decided to move away from SDL and take on SFML. I have been using SFML for the first time ever and have converted all of the code so far to cater for SFML. The reason we have moved from SDL is because of its lack of GPU usage and image manipulation.

Ben (Game Programmer)

A monster appears!

20 06 2012

Hello once again, this post is just to share a little video displaying an animated monster (in this case, a jelly) and a sword being spawned that does nothing.

Now, in the video the collision detection may look like the hero is hitting thin air – he is at the moment but that is something I have declared wrong so don’t worry about it because this will, of course, be fixed.

Hope you enjoyed the video, hopefully a new one will appear soon.

Ben (Programmer)